Subscriptions Explained

16/08/2019 - 10:24 | Subscriptions

The basic subscription will allow a tradie to list their business on the trade directory however will not allow them to receive quotes. At Express Tradies discretion a basic tradie may receive a job if there are no other tradies listed in the area to service a job.

Tradies can upgrade their basic subscription for a low cost of $19.99 per month giving access to unlimited quote opportunities in their nominated suburbs. If the $199 per year option is selected, a tradie will receive a 17% discount off the yearly subscription price compared to pay by the month option. A low cost means the average tradie might only need to secure 1 or 2 jobs a year and their whole year of subscriptions is paid for. A premium tradie will also receive instant notifications via the app and email when a new job is available in their area. The more areas a tradie nominates means the more quote opportunities a tradie will receive.

King of the suburb is offered to only premium subscribing tradies and will benefit tradies if they are working in a core area and want more visibility for their business. If this option is selected the tradie will be given a 24 hour window whereby they can quote on every job available in their nominated suburb for their nominated trade category. Not only this, the tradie will have top spot in the trade directory so they will receive more customers browsing their profile and have a better chance of receiving "direct quotes" whereby a customer wants a quote from their choice of tradie. Not just a quote from the first 3 tradies that respond.

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